Useful addresses

    Although the Audio-psycho-phonological assessment that we propose at the centre allows to assess the problem of your child, it does not give access to social or school AIDS. Parents living in Geneva, Switzerland should contact:

    1Consultations for children with developmental disabilities

    The consultations and the day centre Les Saules de l'Office medico-pedagogical (OMP) respond to the problems of development (motor, cognitive, language, affective, social) and the psychological difficulties of children and adolescents in the canton of Geneva.

    In order to establish a diagnosis or to be advised a specialist who can establish diagnosis, monitoring and care.

    Specialized education Secretariat
    Rue David-Dufour 1
    P.o. box 50
    1211 Geneva 8
    T. + 41 22 388 67 51
    F. + 41 22 388 67 89


    2School time planning, requests for specialized pedagogy and list of accredited specialized institutions

    To obtain an official document allowing your child a specific framework for his problem. For example, to have more time to do his work in class.

    DIP – Office of children and youth
    SPS Secretariat for specialized pedagogy

    Rue des Granges 7

    1204 Geneva
    T. +41 22 388 68 00
    F. +41 22 388 68 10

    Application forms for school development:

    3Grangettes clinic's ADHD consultation centre

    A diagnosis of whether your child suffers from a TDA or a TDA/H, opens the way for recognition of the problem and access to official AIDS.

    Path of the Grangettes 7
    CH-1224 oak-Bougeries
    T: + 41 22 305 01 11