The testimony of Léa's mother, 11 years old, who had difficulties with German and English

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    I came to the Tomatis centre in July 2019 for my daughter Léa, who was in 7P, and who was having difficulties in the foreign languages of English and German.

    I wanted to make sure she could make up for the delay. before starting the orientation cycle, so I used the Tomatis method.

    Léa is a child who has always been sensitive to noise, and who has no particular academic difficulties other than languages. But she struggles with oral comprehension, reading and text comprehension.

    Mr. Frère suggested that we do a treatment on several listening sessions of 13 days each. Here is what I noticed about Léa's changes after the first session.

    Lea was very assiduous and willing to do her session, before this first session, Lea was very susceptible, after that, it greatly decreased. I also noticed that she has developed a beautiful joie de vivre, she now has more ability to express what she feels. I also found it more participatory in family life. She told me she understood me better, heard me better.

    After a one-month break, we had a second 13-day session. And then the changes surprised me again! This time, she really gained self-confidence. She embarked on sports that she didn't dare to do before: playing ball and table tennis. I noticed a better ease and coordination. As for the "languages" objective, it has already been achieved, its marks have gone from 4-4.5 to 5.5-6, I notice a much better understanding, reading and expression.

    And my daughter, who was usually rather reserved, is now a delegate of her class!

    Testimony written on October 14, 2019