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The latest studies or research confirm the relevance of the Tomatis® method. You recognize your problem in one of our articles, do not hesitate to contact the Center. The first appointment is free. You like one of our articles, share it on social networks! Thank you for supporting us by loving our Facebook page.


Le traitement Giger MD®

Nouveau venu dans notre centre, l'appareil Giger MD est un traitement complémentaire à la méthode Tomatis pour lutter contre le déficit d'attention, la dyslexie...

Le bégaiement, quelle solution ?

Quelques mots à propos du bégaiement Le bégaiement fait partie d’un ensemble de troubles neurologiques comme le trouble développemental du langage, la dyslexie et les...

The intestinal microbiota influences stress and cognitive performance

Intestinal flora and cognitive performance
Children with ADHD, autistic traits or autistic disorders have a degraded intestinal flora. It is possible to improve their condition by changing their diet.

Ma vie sous médication. Le témoignage d’Emma, 23 ans.

Témoignage psychostimulants
In order to warn other parents of the danger of medicalizing their children at an early age, Emma, diagnosed with ADD at age 9, decided to testify today. Edifying.

Sans Forgetica, the font designed to improve your memory

Cast iron without forgetica
Just like our Forbrain® device, the do without Forgetica improves our memory by requiring the brain an extra effort when reading.

Hard of hearing: why increase the sound is not enough

Hearing impairment
A new study shows that listening is not only based on sounds, but also on attention and our superior linguistic capabilities. This proves that pairing a hard-of-hearing person is not enough to help him hear better.

How does the brain choose what it wants to listen to?

Hearing care
How can we, without noticeable effort, listen to a friend talking in a crowded café or follow the melody of a violin in an orchestra? A study explains the mechanisms of auditory attention, and confirms the merits of the Tomatis method to improve it.

The music activates the regions of the brain spared by the disease...

Alzheimer's disease man
A new study shows why the Tomatis method provides real relief in patients with dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Sedentary lifestyle decreases our ability to form new memories

Sedentarite memory
A new study shows the impact of our sedentary lifestyle on our memory, that regular physical activity is not enough to compensate. This is where the Tomatis method comes into play, with its program dedicated to memory and attention.

A study raises questions about the diagnosis and treatment...

ADHD treatment problem
A study by UCLA shows that the diagnosis of ADHD is unreliable, and that treatment with medications is ineffective in the long run. Unlike the Tomatis method, which has lasting results.