After how long are the results of the Tomatis® method noticeable?

    Rapidement et dans la durée

    The events corresponding to the results of the Tomatis® method should be analyzed at two levels, the first fairly superficial and the second more in depth.

    Ce qu’on observe dans un premier temps

    At a superficial level, many positive manifestations are noticeable very quickly, within a few weeks or even a few days after the start of the sessions under electronic ear; as a result, the Tomatis® method is often experienced as a dynamic process that is easy to follow as well by the subject that benefits from its surroundings.

    Durablement, et en profondeur

    At a deeper level, it should be understood that the reorganization that will induce the work under electronic ear, allows the subject to regain the inner balance which is its own and thus to modify, in the good sense of the term, its own scale of value This in-depth development is less dramatic and is being done at a slower pace.

    One important point is therefore to know that these improvements will not only remain in time, but also continue well after the end of the Tomatis® sessions; Thus a well-conducted work under electronic ear will produce effects for several years, the subject having been re-installed in its evolutionary norms that only a new major event could return antagonize: in this case, a simple short impulse in a Tomatis® Centre is often enough to restore balance and continue to evolve.