The testimony of Luz Maria and her examination of English

    English exam

    I started taking English courses in 2018, a challenge for me because I have always struggled to understand this language. But despite a lot of effort, it didn't fit. The final review of September was approaching, and I was more and more stressed.

    Mr. frère has recommended me to do a Tomatis program for English, and after the first 15-day session, I have seen a positive and significant change. As sessions progressed, I began to notice that it became easier for me to understand what I was hearing in English, I feel that my brain is better connected to my audition. I am very happy with the outcome of this program.


    And in the end, you know what? I passed my English exam successfully!

    I highly recommend this program which is very positive, not only when you learn languages, but also because you feel a sensation of well-being.